The Hole in the Sky

Image: Ute Kraus


The black hole stood open, yawning.

People stared at it, a bleak shallow plug in the sky, simply a hollow dearth of stars…

Their minds boggled at the physics of it. Even the air molecules around them drifted slightly, tugged by its pull ten thousand light years away.

Finally, Blake dropped his gaze.

There was not much to see.

The staff of the Moldovian gravity research outpost continued to skitter back and forth over the tarmac, their atmosphere protected by the vast curve of the sky shield. Outside, rocks casually tossed above the bleak and inhospitable surface, white as moon stones, would fall at an eighth of the planetary gravity, drifting down like marbles through molasses.

And soon the effects would be felt on Earth too.

The Earth was on the brink of destruction, but humanity would yet harness the power of the Apocalypse while they could.

By bending time and space in an as yet unknown fashion characteristic of far off interstellar space, the black hole had managed to creep up almost unobserved, as it chased the slowed down light emitted from the Alpha Centauri system it had passed through and consumed.

Then eight years ago, the last escaping bubble of light from that destroyed galaxy passed our solar system, unveiling the black expanse it had been hiding, now too near to be ignored even by the naked eye. A sable coin against the night sky eating up the stars, and growing.

Gravitational power quickly became the latest field in mankind’s desperate race to generate enough force to free the planet from the encroaching gravitational destruction.

If only they had been more cautious…it had been approaching within observable distance for a local 10.5 years, 8 months, 15 days, 3 hours and 32 minutes, bending time and space in a maddening loop around itself, distorting all stellar measurements. Foolish scientists had been elated at the signs of a bold new scientific paradigm shift…

The local times at the far and near sides of the Earth continued to drift wider apart, as communications through social media and internet began stretching out into noticeable seconds of deadly pause between words.

The end was coming.

Brilliant minds were racking their heads, sleeping at their desks and waking up to pound paper with feverish nibs, decimating scalp follicles as they thought to squeeze out the answer they hoped was hiding in their brains – to compose a theory of energy and gravity that would offer than a planet – nay solar system – shifting manoeuvre…but not one had the answer to such a titanic question.

It had been proposed too soon…

And that was when the Ewokks came.


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