The Blue Fish Cometh

As the saying goes, a fish in the beak is worth two in the lake.

Or I think that’s how it goes.

Hi, I’m Kara.


I’m, um – not very smart…but I like games!

Tell me, um, do you like them too..? Splashing in the lake, a summer’s breeze ruffling your wings…no? Honk.

Anyway, I was told that the blue man always comes at sunset, when the sky is still white with sunlight, but the trees are turning red with fading glow.

He would walk-Honk- along the water’s edge, honk, sorry I’m flustering-and end up by by the sedge, and then honk, some fish! Honk.



Well, while we wait, what would you like to do? You seem to like me a lot-always following me around.

Kinda quiet though huh?

Yeah, I know. Sigh-honk.

It’s not easy when you’re the dumb one of the nest.

Dumbest of the flock.

But hey, gotta be cheerful, no? Honk.

You’ll get there too someday, …

Phalanx leader I mean…

You just gotta come out of the water, you know honk-beat your wings like this, YES that’s right. And you’ll take off like one of those dragonflies, light as a feather, off into the sky…

I’ve flown before you know. Oh yes, oh yes. I’m glad you understand. Yes, it was quite a show… I remember I was running through the water, trying to catch up to the other wing, remembered the wing and the feathers in my face, just keeping my bill straight.

I have the compass.

And then…we were airborne, and the wind was supporting us. Our home, in the oak, was falling away, far far into the bygone distance, our new world ahead, guided by the setting sun, and the sense of the stars unseen…


Haha, the man is coming, all the birds are rising, including some of the nasty selfish pigeons. I gotta go-catch up-blue fish coming-I gotta go…



And I lost you then. I must have left you behind in the lake.

I’m glad you were there waiting for me. You must have been flapping for quite a while, I saw you arrive when I did. Oh Joy! Honk.

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