Deep Fear

-With deep fear dived he into the wild, a-splashin and a-splurging. The water flooded up his nostrils as his lungs emptied out of air.


And then he was lost, a throat filled, a stomach swollen, a rag doll tossed by the ocean breeze.

Swift, swiftly it carried him, past the Cape of Capricorn, drifting with the tide, tugged by the moon so weakly.

Until he came to the edge of Africa, Mauritius on the horizon, looming large, and felt his body bank up onto sand. Sweet sand, it dug into his waterlogged flesh.

And then he rolled, onto his stomach. Felt the tug of the undertow as each wave threatened to make it his last moment on the land.

But he hung on, though he lost fingernails in the process…till he was half forward on land, grabbing and hugging it, a corpse for all the world to see, vomited on the beach by the waves…and now rejected by them too.

Slowly he crawled, a fell thing, a stench of death wafting with sea damp about him, scaring the crabs into holes, the birds onto perches and bringing flies flies flying from the woods-leaving their dung piles and teeming by his head and the staring jelly of his eyes.

He chose not to swat. After all, he had only so much bodily integrity. Each tug counted, before his muscles, ligaments, bones even faltered and failed.

He dragged himself onto the road, lifeline of civilization, and crept like an undead wet cockroach with half its legs broken…down and down – across the tarmac, and down, and lastly Up.

Until he topped the final rise, the crest of Hill Valley Road, and watched the beauteous gorge glow verdant below him, a-flicker with electrical lights like fireflies, promising warmth and safety he would never share.

“Lost at sea.. -” the thought refused to leave, and he tumbled, rolled, left wet foul patches on the road, across the traffic lines, down down.

Until he hit a road marker, and promptly disintegrated.

The townsfolk came, in the morning, and were duly shocked at what seemed a very bad sea accident on land.

And he never got to tell them about the coming tsunami.

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