Torrid Peace

Think of the beginning that you know, the earliest moment that you know.

Mine was lying down, slow thoughts, feeling drunk.

There was blackness and stars. A scattering of diamonds in the sky.

And finally the times of slowness ceased. And my thoughts could flow again.

The course of nature kept flowing, life flowing.

I had lain so long…

The desert valley had filled slowly with grass.

A brook I remembered, passing its path to my right hand. The sands moistened repeatedly by rain.

And finally… I rolled onto my elbow. And I vomited, vomited the bile that had been in me, that spun into the sand, clinging to none, yet dissolving it like thin cloud.

It tunneled down until it vanished and the sand mine closed itself up from uneven pressure.

And my eyes spun. And I stood. And swayed. Eons I swayed. Trees shot up – put forth branches, swayed, and fell. Rotted.

And finally I could stand without fear of falling. I could see over the valley lip. The sun sped like a rocket over and over across the labyrinthine pattern of sky. Light, dark, sun sank, stars spinning in a cone against the far horizon, above my eyeline.

And finally…I slowed myself down…and-

I saw…

I saw a man, a woman, a child.

They stood before me, in awe, not withering in my sight, and passing away, but seeing me, and seeing me see them, we were in sync.

And I bellowed in triumph and joy, and thunder rolling from my lips.

And though they flinched from the sound, they did not run-though the child put up hands to shield her ears.

And I smiled, and we talked, talked at last.

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