Data, to Disseminate

Image: Pixabay

“For all time,…

“Yes, for all time, the earth has spun on its axis, crying out for a saviour. Someone to come and free it from its dreary turning, and elevate it to new parabolic adventures.”

“Who would want to spin in an ellipse around the sun, all their days?” Her giant face loomed against the blackness of space, invisible (thankfully) to the inhabitants and their most powerful telescopes, but still terrifying to behold behind its dimensional barrier.

Staring at the planet as small as her eye, she followed its course with ease, 18.5 miles per second, as it orbited the sun…

“It’s time to shake things up.”

She dipped her hand into the trans-dimensional foam, laced with quantum bubbles, and began to stir, precisely, very precisely, increasing the quantum chaos according to a very specific algorithm she had in mind – finger tip to knuckle to wrist in perfect alignment and diabolical concert.

The most beautiful movement you’ve ever seen, except it was spelling the destruction of the Earth.

Far below, and on a far smaller (and more meaningful) scale, Johnny and Timmy tussled on the grassy soccer patch, kicking the ball with vivid glee, trying to squeeze in a bit more fun before the time of sunset and their parents’ return.

Finally, as the first drops of a dreary evening rain set in, they reluctantly bumped fists and went their way, Johnny casting a glance at the simmering sunset behind his shoulder…

The rain came down, hard, and John (or Paul) was just bouncing his ball down the tarmac, seeing the splashes, looking out for cars in the gathering veil of wetness and darkness, when he heard a voice, and saw a light, and felt a tug.

And before he knew it, he was spinning through the air, pulled by his ankle socks, whistling through the strato-, thermo- and ionospheres – still alive, and very much alive with shock, trying to catch a glimpse of the immensely powerful woman drawing him out effortlessly from Earth’s gravity…

Others were too, like rice grains rising from earth’s shadow east to catch the far off setting sun…

And now he stood, his eyes closed, surrounded by mystery. He’d already been exposed to the whipping wetness of atmospheric clouds, and the chilly airless void in the space of a bare minute. That he could now feel enamel floor beneath his one unshod foot and the other similarly on solid ground was enough for him for now. He let out a sob, and squeezed his lids tighter. Fearing a hand, a touch that would confer sudden unwanted explanation to dispel his sudden calm –

“Matthew-” said a voice…

His eyes jerked open against his will.

There standing before him was his mother, long years, dead. He strode over, dropped the ball he was somehow still carrying, and ran to hug her. “Darling…”

And soon he was subsumed. The screams of the watching children had been unheard throughout the exchange. The symbiotic-nano jelly folded over Matt, fully absorbing the thrills and abject loneliness, the rush of catharsis, not unmixed with a dose of fear and disbelief, that burst out of him like a wave of energy and emotion. The symbiote took in his emotion, and the nanites absorbed the nuanced waves of energy, breaking down its contents. And then he was left on the ship floor, circular, curled up with others, in perpetual peace, and then sealed beneath a barrier of rose crystal that helped preserve the bodies in time and above time: slowing aging, cellular death, metabolism, even decomposition on top of the overall passage of time, so that much of what remained could be safely transported to the aliens” home world.

The nano’ grunted and spun its atomic whisks with pleasure, and the symbiote’ shook its segmented waste with oblivion and sheer excitement – it was a long journey ahead, and they were well provisioned.



Complexity – large figures hiding behind the scenes, turning the wheels

tragedy- death, bad endings are real

overall there is an arc.

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