Chains that Bind (Us together)

The chains that bind us, .. cannot be seen. They are invisible threads, stronger than steel, yet breakable at a touch, and by the weight of haughty words, for they link to the heart.

To sever the chains, you simply sever the connection. Once no longer linked on one end, the chains don’t matter, can lie, can die – one sided love always does.

And yet, when I bound my lover with my adamantium links, the power surging from my biceps to the metal round his body, I felt the power give, as I had never felt it before. Binding him did me little good. I had to let go, the chains unwrapping at my will. I released his crumpled form, and let both of us sink to the street level, him unaided. “Titania,…” he gasped. And that was enough.

I lashed a corner of his cheek with my strongest length and rushed off, fueling the tears from my body, tears that flowed from somewhere deep, but it did not matter, it did not —

Finally, the day cleared, when we saw each other again, on the street. We were several blocks away from where we last tussled. And I said… “Greg.”

“Angela,” he said. I could not tell what his inflection meant-animosity, a closed up heart, a heart beating but with ears sealed? I did not-could not know.



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