Tin Foil

Image: Pixabay

They call me Tin Foil. That is brittle, crinkly – tearable.

A joke.

But what can you do with the superpower you’re born with? So I tend to rattle when I walk.

So I float off the sidewalk at a gust of wind.

So what? Did they tell you the time I stopped Thermos? Flattened myself against his Atomic Reactor, caused his chest plate to overheat. Walked away without a singe on me. Silver papery-skin perfect.

Ah, that’s what the ladies will be coming after me soon.

Any day now.

Ooh, Tin, you got the bomb. You can take the heat. Ha!


This is my buddy, can you see him? Say hi –


He tends to be a bit loud, but it –

“They call ME, FIREBOMB!” (heh, heh, heh)

Just your mom FB. I just call you Facebook. (snicker.)


Kidding, FB, kidding (ha, ha)


It’s kind of weird, no. Posting snippets of your life on the internet.

Who’s out there? (stares at the camera till his eye fisheyes.)

I don’t know.

(Pause, shutter rattles. Waits. )


(Video ends.)


Someday,… hey this is your buddy, Tin Foil!

Heey… someday, I think I’m going to be great. I’m going to *unintelligible from wind in mike* save the world, and be a real hero. (Slows steps.) Heh yeh. (Smiles) Someday.


“Can you show me your trophy, TIN?”

(scuffle) No go away.

“AWW, come ON!”

Quit it FB.



“But I just wanna see when you choked Atomo, and got his iron filling.” (sniff)

(silence) (rustle)


“Ohhh WOW! Is this-?”

Yup –

“This IS -?”

Yup, ha ha.

“Oh COME ON, TIF.. you for Real?” (gazes rapturously at gold filling.)

Yup. He really knocked it out himself. I think he expected me to be less flat than I really was. And he couldn’t see through his own smoke…-

“JEEEZ!” (facial expression defies description.)

You can have it. (smile)

“REALLY -” (face is so happy it might explode)

Sure –

“JEEWILLYJENKINS!!” (administers bear hug.) “ALRIGHT!” (runs out of the room) “HEY Mom……!”

*Sigh* Haha.. (Tin Foil chuckles.)

(…no sound or picture-)

Is this thing on?


*End of T. Foil’s Youspace channel*



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