The Cathedral of Feeling

Dr Novos Angelo peered into the pitch blackness of space, pin-pricked by stars, and thought, how marvellous it was.

How beauteous. How calm it made his heart. How it made his imagination soar. How…what was the word? It surely was religious. He settled back into a sitting position in zero G, stroking his chin. Yes, that was it.

In the meantime, far below on planet Earth, a couple prepared to go to sleep. The mum tucked her three-year-old into bed, a tired yawn escaping her lips. “Dear.” No further words were necessary. He held her weary shoulders and let her lean into him. Another musical yawn broke out, rapidly shared by her hubby. “Dear,” she blinked blearily at him. He smiled and they both stared at their babe, asleep like an angel under covers. The whole world seemed asleep.

Far from them both, on the planet Neptune, in a subterranean cavern, unknown to man since the forming of the universe, a tiny creature stirred, gigantic for its size.

It was a bacterium the dimensions of a pea. There pricked up in its tiny mute and sunless mind, the notion, that somehow all was meaningful. All composed an order of which it was only dimly aware, and which it perceived intermittently, as a sentient radio attempting to tune into waves.

Finally it gave up and sank back onto its ammonia-soaked rock, and sped the remainder of its days in calmer ruminations: division, foraging, devouring, dying.

And the cathedral of feeling spun on, continuing to grow faster than light, spurred by as yet unknown force, for as yet unknown or non-existent purpose…

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