Kindness from an Enemy

Image: Pixabay

The bun hung in mid-air, cradled in its outstretched hand. The green bumpy skin made his stomach turn.

“Grilrk.” The Being deposited the bun onto a clean leaf and retreated to the edge of his clearing, watching.

Gon picked up the bun carefully, noting its inviting smell (was that mush peas?) and – for lack of an option – put it into his mouth. His teeth bit in on their own accord, his body gorging itself automatically on the much needed nourishment.

All the time he kept his eye on the Newt.

It stood, slightly slumped, with its back leaning sharply on a tree and its elbows (or its equivalent) hitched up to an unlikely level. Slowly it relaxed its face, noticing his gaze, and the edges of its mouth crinkled.

He felt disgusted but his body would not allow him to vomit.

How had it found his clearing?

He knew the Mother Nest was still there – he could spy it through the trees, an iridescent jewel purple. How many of his tribe had the creatures beaten, swallowed, left dead…? He remembered the carnage, and the violent glee and efficiency of the soldier Newts…

This one was different, but same. It had the same oval protruding black peepers. The same prehensile claws, the scaly ridge running down its back under armour.

He knew it expected a positive response, somehow.

It was merely watching, its mouth edges twitching upward in a queer little dance, utterly repulsive. And yet it had not alerted the Patrols to his little settlement. Even his rude garden, the Newt had carefully circumvented to approach him.

And yet.. he slowly threw up inside his stomach. It had destroyed so much, killed so much.. earned so much hate.. He was sinking down into a kneeling, then fetal position. He heard the anxious skittering near his head, and saw its blurry reptilian face bending over him, the thin lipless mouth working in quite a different direction than he had seen earlier.

It was a smile. He was sure-or hallucinating from stress, and overeating on a dried out stomach. He collapsed into alien arms.

“You scum…” were his last words as he drifted into dreamless sleep.

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