What is the point?

Image: Pixabay

The point is what we make of it. Though that can’t be right.

It is something that exists, if it exists.

Sort of like an instruction manual for a toaster. If it accurately describes how the toaster functions, and correctly describes its function is to make toast, then there is a point. The toaster has a point.

Its existence is not pointless.

Of course its existence being meaningful depends on our existence being meaningful, which is where we move from analogy to the real world. Is my existence meaningful?

I suppose the toaster if smart enough could feel it was useful. It could perhaps enjoy baking toast. It could be utterly satisfied making brown wheat wafers.

However if it was say, made by the most putrid aliens whose only purpose for the toast was to wrap human beings in it, and then chow down, then it’s arguable that purpose aside, its existence is really gross and not meaningful.

Which goes back to the humans again. Why did they become the locus of meaning somehow again? That we should not hurt them, or degrade them in this way.

People have done such, and in a sense worse.

Tortured. Treated with brutality. Derived pleasure from suffering. Sadism.

Why is that wrong? Is there a point then?

I can’t really…or won’t readily give up the idea. No. And therefore, just perhaps, there could be. This little toaster maybe has a final purpose, isn’t baking bread for sadistic aliens (which assumes human value and purpose again), but … is valuable somehow.

Because he feels others like him are valuable. Because he thinks he would like to fight for them. Because he feels…

See “Cathedral of feeling“. Ah, it’s a conundrum.


What are your thoughts?

I would like this to be a page where people can work out their own thoughts, at their own pace.

Leave a comment 🙂 And you’ll help advance the wider conversation, and maybe push your own thinking further.

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