On bravery


Image: Pixabay


Today I saw a brave man. He was speaking in a microphone, loudly, for his immediate circle to hear. Those who passed on the other side of the street, if they did not cover their ears could hear him. But his message was unpopular. It undermined what people held dear. It spoke suspicion, directed against those in power.

He spoke of someone he knew who had died. How it affected him. Why he kept on going.

I watched, smoking a fag. There was no real reason for me to care. I merely watched him, slanted. The rain came falling down in gusts the 50 minutes I watched.

As I turned to leave, I could still hear him banging on.

The police would get him. At least for making a racket, starting a riot, making a fool of himself. Sedition? I paused. It depended on the truth of his statements. Were those above, at the pinnacle of human society, really perverse, twisted? Mocking human institutions by turning them to their own ends.

It had occurred on the ascent of course, not at the top. But what if the top knew, like he eloquently asserted might be the case?

It bore investigation. I was an investigator. I would put aside the smarmy husband looking to catch his wife at it, the husband seeking to file an injunction against his wife to avoid paying alimony.

I would put in the time.

Twenty days later, I was sitting in shock.

And very suddenly I was not sitting any longer, but flying, soaring into the ethereal plane, even leaving my clouds, earth, and body behind. The colours pulsed around me and then I was gone.

And I have it on good authority then my body rotted, tilted over in the chair, research in my hand, a cup of wine in my right, and bullet hole through the back of my skull.



It’s a common human foible of those in power, historically speaking, to abuse it in some manner. That’s why checks and balances are important.

Imagine having power over billions of dollars, military, etc. At least I imagine it could go to my head, worse than gaining twenty thousand views on a Youtube video. Hence while corruption is vile, it’s at least relatable, if I push myself to the upper echelon in my imagination.

Those in power can correct me if I’m wrong. (I also think believing in something higher than oneself -an ideal, or a Deity- can help maintain self-control.)

So supposing this man knew of the full extent of a political leader’s depravity, and/or ruthlessness, if he was saying what he suspected…he was truly brave.

Either he (and it’s a real he) was speaking the truth, or he was lying.

And while the narrative he was spinning was distasteful to the extreme, need it be feared?

As falsehood, it should crumble under investigation. Or at least prove inconclusive (via The Thought Tower).

If true, it offers the hard road to something better. A thorn-choked pathway to a place friendlier under foot.

Let’s hope he’s wrong, and keep a wary eye out for thorns.


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