Grand towers

Image: Pixabay

They ten stood up against the boundless arc of sky, magnanimous in space, having conquered the hill. The sublime blue peered over all, like an invisible iris, even as the sun beat down on the landscape.

“Did you ever feel like,” said Jake.

“You were seeing all?”

“Nope, you were being watched.” He grinned.

“I don’t know,” said Jander, picking up from where he left off. “But it sure feels good.”

“I think,” said Jin, “I shall like a sandwich.”

“Say what?” came the echo from the nine hungry boy-men, as they dug into their packs.

Brilliant cellophane and aluminium foil flashed in the sun, and the smell of whole wheat was whipped across the sun-scorched grass, and the troughs of stone. A sound of munching filled the grand space, free from responsibility, and fear, elated with new discovery at their abilities, a reward tasted with gusto.

Ham never tasted so sweet.

The pair who reached the top first were the first to grow restless and move, gazing out at the variegated landscape, pointing out with glee the flashing water down by yonder hill fold, hearing the screeching of birds, and mimicking eagles themselves.

It was a charming time.

One not soon forgotten.

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