Image: Pixabay

torque, noun: a force that tends to cause rotation


Neither a push or a pull,

But a spin

And where the rubber doesn’t meet the road

It’s wasted time therein.


Said the alderman, “You can’t handle the truth. You gotta run in circles, you gotta run in circles.”

He was passing out from drink, but apparently still cogent enough to speak nonsense.

“Round and round and round you go. But here’s the trick, you always end -” he grabbed my collar, “BACK WHERE YOU BELONG!!”

“Back where you started…”

He slumped beneath the bartop, taking his grip with him.

I sidled my stool out, staring down with mild pity at this man.

Ah, it can’t be easy.

But then he had let go.

“Much like the drink,” said the barman cannily catching my eye and thoughts.

“He’s better off sleeping under there, at least he’s getting something of what he needs – sleep.”

“Oblivion.” I knocked back my shot of poison and whacked the glass on the counter. “Thank you.”

Time to clean his mess up. I pulled out a mop and my lawyer’s license.



alderman, noun: an elected member of a city council.


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