Dead tired, and art should be…

Image: Albert Joseph Moore

Art should not be for the sake of output – so I might not post a comic panel today, as I usually do (sorry). It’s just that it should be meaningful you know? Not ground out to meet a deadline. I’ll accept that traffic won’t be great in that case.

In the meantime, just an update: I am very tired from working on that project I mentioned in Waterfall. It really had to come out and I may write more on it in future. It’s basically something that should be discussed properly and evaluated before being posted on.

So… I’m thinking of how to wrap up the comic of the robot and the chateau. At this point, I have two ideas:

  1. Drossel escapes using Superman’s cape – flies off like Team Rocket
  2. Drossel dives deep into a lake, causing an electric storm and leaving her shell behind (it’s actually a robotic suit)

I am open to going with your choice at this point. Otherwise, I’ll just choose one and have something new to show next weekend. And of course there’ll be new writings before that.

Have a good week ahead fellow humans,


*Thanks for the support everyone! Tetiana Aleksina, Little Fears 🙂

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