Fears of Twilight

Image: Pixabay

A friend once told me, when you hear the Mondo speak, run.

For they always come, clittering on claws, and pawing at your feet, with velvet pads of beguiling softness. And should you stop or slow, they are on you – the pads fastening like octopus pads, the softness turning to hard brush-like bristles, the grip growing around your ankles, before they place a larger mitt right on your shoulder, and the sight of your adversary makes it impossible to scream…

That’s what I dream of at night, when the moon is full, or when the house is dark. And so I sleep with the light on, barely awake, hearing for sounds in the darkened corridor beyond my room, the silent pad of house-less pets…

Mondo, Mondo…

Mondo, speak.



A picture’s worth a thousand words 🙂 LOL

Wrote that creepy stuff, then changed my mind. So… XD

The text was inspired by some posts by Mj Gale.


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