A Great Conversation

Image: Tanemori

Apologies for not getting out a Sunday Art as promised. I didn’t even get to the finale as I thought I could. But it is coming along, and I hope to present a compilation tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

In compensation, here are some thoughts on a wonderful cheerful disagreement I had.


You learn more when you disagree – in a perfect world that is. Too often online conversation on important topics devolves into anger and name calling and rage quitting. At least that’s my experience.

However that also makes it much more refreshing when we meet people who are open to an exchange of ideas (not just smashing all of yours while hoarding theirs). So in that spirit here’s a tale of two flea market dealers (exaggerated qua fiction to make the point :))


Randy and Paul sat next to each other, each guarding his wares.

They were at the marketplace of magical ideas, but also rivals – neither wished to consider the value of the other’s wares. At some level Randy worried that Paul’s were better, and Paul probably felt the same.

One time, to settle the fact that Paul was selling some of his Pterodactyl potions, successfully – Randy winced when he saw paying customers take off on leathery wings into the sky – Randy actually casually asked, “What ‘chu selling?” (He didn’t mean to sound cute, but that’s how it came out.)

To which Paul responded, after a quick flickering glance over Randy’s person and wares. “Pterodactyl potions, you saw.” He hesitated a second. “Want some?”

Randy looked at the silvery glass, the potent purple elixir roiling within, and blurted out – “Too grassy.”

“But I add just the right amount of clover!” protested Paul.

“I don’t add so much, and look, you have a crack!”

“So do you!”

“Why you-”


A couple of smoking broken bottles later, the two vendors sat opposite each other, huffing and puffing – one with a rhino face, the other with salamander feet.

Randy instantly recalled Becoo, and so did Paul… how he had visited his/his stall, carefully weighed the worth of each of his/his potions, and commented fairly on the density, the beauty within, and named a fitting price. The exchange was made, and both sides benefited – without broken bottles.

There was that sharp disagreement (both remembered), but he had come back, explained his human weakness – a desire for coin – and given a pledge and more business.

The two foes sighed, and instantly realised (“Becoo?”) what the other was thinking. Salamander paw was enclosed in fist, and they swore to uphold the ideals of the marketplace – bar the human outbursts of emotion, and actually get some business going.

The customers returned to the rivals, they competed to improve their wares, and rhinos and pterodactyls ruled the earth.


The more wares in the marketplace of ideas, the more options, and chances to see what works and what doesn’t through mutual comparison.

Not the end of the story, but I hope the beginning of more discussions.

It was a wonderful conversation. It was like we lived in different worlds where right and wrong were reversed, but though we got a bit heated, and some unnecessary apologies ensued, there was mutual appreciation, and we felt our worlds drift closer.

I look forward to continuing my FB chat. 🙂

*I’m very encouraged. Thank you Sparkonit, Cristian Mihai, lemanshots, Little Fears and Mj Gale.

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