Jinn, under the door

I was under my bed, waiting for the smoke to pass.

The Ouija board I had grabbed in my fright was beside me, charred in the middle as though by a fireball – the middle letters scorched into soot. It was my only weapon, and the tool that had landed me in this mess… Though what can cardboard do against vaporous evil? Blow it away?

The blue glowing smoke had passed my door twice now, casting a chill sapphire glow across my room carpet, and the darkened corridor outside. But as it passed once again, it stopped. Blue whorls seeped under the door, then tendrils wrapped themselves around the sides of the door jamb. The sturdy wood shook as though gripped by a hundred unseen fingers, and a screw flew.

The door crashed down, my final defense against the demon flat on the floor. The smoke flowed liberally in, piling into corners, fanning out against the walls and touching everything in its path.

My hand gripped the Ouija board and said a badly needed prayer.

Without warning, a pair of socked feet smote my room’s carpet, and a high-pitched voice screamed like an irate cherub: “Begone! Bawoosh!” The whirr of a tiny electric fan shattered the cold silence, and the bravery of my little sister badly broke my pride and shocked me up. I jumped out, grabbing the largest fan at hand – my pillow – and fanned for all I was worth.

The smoke billowed back and forth in waves before our twin onslaughts, rippling with rage. A horrid snarling sound broke above the sound of our fanning like a peal of thunder. But we were winning, the smoke held together and was steadily forced step by step into a corner. Then before either of us knew what was happening it exploded in a flash of blue lightning!

Nothing remained, not even a wisp of shining mist, except for a bright afterimage seared into my eyes.

I heaved a long sigh of relief and returned the toothy grin of my sister, a second before I felt something in my head abruptly grip my consciousness and squeeze it.

All the world ran like black water into the floor, filled with Anna’s echoing scream, and I fell into a long falling nightmare, filled to the brim with monsters.

I hear silent feet

And see unseen hands,

The figures

shifting in the dark

Are monsters.


Definitely not inspired by Bill Cipher in Gravity Falls. 🙂

What fictional monster is your favourite?


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