The Art of Looking Forward

Image: Kukalive

The blue boy tripped, fell flat on his face, and scattered all his gold rings.

Mr Sonic T. Hedgehog groaned as he rubbed his bruised nose, and watched as his hard earned bling flashed out of existence.

“That’s gotta be the most discouraging sound in the universe,” he mused about the damage sound effect. “Why does bankruptcy sound so fruity?”

Troubled about the several coins he missed earlier on, he was about to turn his head, but this just gave a Robotnik henchbot the chance to swoop down from behind, buzzsaw roaring.

“Yikes!” Sonic threw himself flat on the grass.

Realising there was no time to lose, he revved up his hedgehog spin and attitude, reached Bot-Smashin’ RPM and decimated that evil tech on the rebound.

But there remained so many rings to collect, high scores to set, Bots to beat…

“Which is why there’s no time to look behind!” He turned his sharp gaze towards the roller coaster cliffs and emerald lawns up ahead.

A cocky grin crossed his face.

The famous blue speedster ducked and tumbled, shredded grass and shot like lightning into the distance.

“No time for regret!”



There seems to be a Sonic Hedgehog gene? Shut. Up. XD

Sonic hedgehog is a protein that in humans is encoded by the SHH (“sonic hedgehog”) gene.[3] Both the gene and the protein may also be found notated alternatively as “Shh“.”

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