They Burned down Their Lives Around Them

Image: Aarneus

Mac the Simpleton watched the leaves fall, shaking themselves loose from the trees. But it was actually the wind, he thought. Leaves can’t shake. I just can’t see it.

Malisse the Affable leaned over the bench he was sitting on to throw some spittle into the river, and gave his head a swipe while she was at it. Smack! Ow!

What’s on your mind, &^^*)(*&? were her comforting syllables, couched in a voice that would have made rocks bake.

Mac chose not to speak. The city was burning after all. Across the river, the town was ablaze. Non-flammable steel and concrete cloaked in destroying flames that turned the twilight purple. Here, across the span of water, the trees whispered green, and Malisse struck his ear whenever she had the chance.

Those )&)(*^$#%^$, she said matter-of-factly. Mac chose to nod, neither agreeing or disagreeing. That’s what we all come to. We’re $^#&&%% I say. We should all go to $^$^^$ in a ^$^$&&*((&$ and get ^$^#$^*& in &^%#^* for ^$%(^&*(&^^.

I’m afraid I don’t understand, said Mac sincerely.

You ^%##^^*((, she said, aiming for his head.

And there was silence between them a while, as they watched the city burn.

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