As the World turns

Image: qimono (Pixabay)

Micka the Magnificent strode about the surface of the moon, revelling in lunar gravity.

His cloak streamed out like glittering rainbows behind him, and the dust kicked up by his descent seemed to herald his arrival with enough pomp.

He had come from the world of Fashionistas, sideways and 45 deg from our dimension, where the light is fabulous and the grass is iridescent and sumptuous like fur.

Now, he saw the glowing blue and green orb before him, our world, swathed in tendrils of white, and sighed with abject suffering.

“It’s beautiful…”, he said.

“Well, time to begin the invasion!”

Skipping sideways, he vanished.

And what an invasion it would be, with flash and glitter galore.


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