The words on my heart.

Image: bernswaelz (Pixabay)

In a world of cowards and heroes, the feckless man reigns supreme

What wonder is there, that cannot be brushed aside?

What horror afoot that can be shifted by the roadside?

Wandering by, and around, about daily life

And waiting, watching out for death around the corner

But wonderfully free

from worries and cares that

Might exert their influence on

His time and energy and effort and freedom and money and career and future

It’s just this, and me and now.

And the now is forever; the forever-now

It will last

Ignore, let the bad times pass

Or watch the heroes fight it out from a distance, safe distance.

Even choose some popcorn


and cry on.


Not get involved.

It is the better way.

I saw this scrawled upon a tombstone. That was white, and seemingly uncut. But the harsh letters were scrawled as though with stone fingers. And the ground beneath was disturbed. I quickly left the way I came.

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