Darkoo the Dolt

LunarSeaArt (Pixabay)

Will Darkoo manage to suck the blood of young genius Einstein Wilde? Stay tuned to find out!


As the young Einstein Wilde, rolled around the laboratory, canoodling with flasks and bottles, the science nerd of the century, a vampire appeared by the windowsill.

He was dressed in customary fashion: long flowing robe, impeccably clipped nails, and a bloody splash of blood about the lips – symptoms of a recent feed. The prominent gap above his lab coat collar drew the nighttime creature, which slipped through the gap in the glass between the flickers of the candle, and advanced, a shape slipping via shadows.

The young Einstein was too bewildered by a chemical reaction: the phosphates lavishing a vibrant reaction in the depths of the liquid, which heaved then flowered over with a fluorescent change of colour.

Suddenly, he was aware of something behind him breathing on his neck: simultaneously he saw there was no reflection in the test flask!

In a flash; as was always the case with the young Wilde, he acted ten steps ahead of everyone else, even a supernatural horror of the night. Before the vampire (vampure being its pre-hunting form, he noted) could sink its teeth into his jugular, Einstein grabbed alliin and alliinase from the table, combined them in a flask for the pungent smell of fresh cut garlic and promptly plugged the whole deal into the vampire’s gaping maw.

“I’ll never get this damned taste out of my teeth… ,” was the damned being’s momentary thought before he burst into garlic-toasty flame, and crumbled into dust.

“Note to self,” thought Einstein philosophically, “think 11 steps ahead and ensure supernatural creatures don’t disintegrate on the nice carpet.”



<You’ll never get away! I’ll get you next time!!> The ash was speaking as Einstein poured in water, taking on a gel-like shape with angry sludge eyes. He did that final step just for laughs.

He tipped the pan and flushed the toilet, to the predator’s anguished screams.


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