When you live and you die

Image: Tonyp2121

“This is fatalistic.” The Fullmetal Alchemist leaned against a wall, matter unmoving, as the lifeblood drained from his good arm. His brother lay in pieces on the floor, seen through the gaps of his long blond hair – pieces of haunted armour scattered like coins on market day.

The enemy wielded enormous power: able to control the air molecules, transmuting them into explosive hydrogen or choking chlorine, he held almost complete dominion over the battlefield.

Now he stood, with a black mask over his own face, as he transformed the surrounding air into unbreathable ground-hugging ozone…

Striking the floor with his fist, Edward Elric swore, a customary curse. He slapped his hands down, seeking the power to rearrange, and make new.

The earth exploded into iron, and the iron into gold, and the gold into mercury. The metals flew through the air, colliding with the enemy’s mask, melting and hardening on it.

The man (or woman) choked as the mask became a stifling gag, unable to filter any air.

It was ripped off.

Underneath, a face without a lower jaw. A mouth breathing freely through exposed esophagus, and eyes that blazed a deadly baleful fire…


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