The Loop

Image: wihei (Pixabay)

Having been taught so long that black was white, he looked at a zebra crossing and thought, ‘yup, zebra’. Looked at an African person and thought, ‘pure’; looked at a Caucasian person and thought ‘impure’. Reading character from the skin.

Looked at the ceiling and thought ‘floor’. Looked at truth and thought ‘lies’.

Looked at reality and thought, ‘eh, I can do better.’

Oh man, oh man.

Now he’s been thrown for a Loop.

Now zebra crossings were still zebra, but black people are not automatically good, and white people bad. Individuals abound. Shades of grey everywhere.

The ceiling that was meant to be broken through, was really the floor he was standing on, giving stability.

The news he thought was true and right, was people speaking in circles, their voices bouncing off the walls.

And people who he thought were haters… weren’t? Gasp. Brain gasp.

Reality… is hard. Being smacked in the face while charging forward. Realising, just maybe, that he was wrong. Through blurry vision seeing… his mistake.

And now he helps across the divide. And now he reaches, risking his hand and arm exposed. To save the same trapped people on the other side.


Open to discussion btw. This is my impression of the debate atmosphere in the US, unfortunately. Do you think I’m right, wrong? Do tell me why. 🙂



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