Diphod and Daphod

Image thanks: kellepics  – pixabay

The passion sped through the passage, oblivious to the rushing brick coarseness snaking by on either side, interrupted by flush iron doors and mounted torches on the walls.

“Y’e bri-ick!” Said Veldie, and gave a spit over the side. The aldoran sped on, gaining speed, ever winding, through the endless Life highway/tunnel.

In the distance – no light could be seen.

The sound of thrumming earth, as a thousand giants danced their medley of ancient songs could barely be heard over the rush of wind and the – the crash of violent air against porous brick. “Onnnnn! Onnn!” cried Heath, as they sped, and sped, and sped running, on all legs like a millipede, kicking the floor in centenary strides, speeding ever onward, skipping the bends.

The bends nearly took them…

Until, finally, either the tunnel collapsed, or a light so glorious broke through and tore down all their defenses – – they were out in the breathless space of lightless air, for it was all light. Drowning in it, barely feeling the ground.

They seemed to drift, up and up, and at last, at long last – they were away.


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