You Decide p1. – The Mystery of the Pastor’s Speech

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Disclaimers: Trump has issues.

My view: I think Mr Aigner makes a valid criticism of CCLI earlier in the article, but something else he said was shifting the truth. But don’t take my word for it.

Event: Celebrate Freedom rally (July 1, 2017)

<get that face outta here – can’t breathe – too big – lol>

I dunno. Why don’t I agree with Mr Aigner’s summary after listening to the pastor’s speech? Something’s going on.

Exhibit A – Jonathan Aigner (Patheos):

“The premiere performance was followed by one of the most disturbing presidential introductions I’ve ever heard. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of FBC Dallas and faithful presidential lapdog, introduces Donald Trump as the American god’s prayer for the world, the Übermensch who can redeem our lost empire, and through whom this god’s hand of blessing will forcefully and triumphantly be restored upon the USA.”


Exhibit B – Robert Jeffress (from video 43:35 – 49:13):

“Thank you. Thank you so much. Trust me I’m just the warm up act.

Good evening, I am Robert Jeffress, the pastor of the great First Baptist church in Dallas, and on behalf of First Baptist Church Dallas we want to welcome you to this Celebrate Freedom rally, live from the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

In Psalm 33 verse 12, the Psalmist declared: Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord. It is absolutely an – it is absolutely an indisputable fact that our nation was founded on a love for God and a reverence for his Word, and  because of that we have experienced the undeserved favor of God upon our country. But it is also an indisputable fact, that in recent years there have been those who have tried to separate our nation from its spiritual foundation, and that reality has caused many of us, many Christians to despair and to wonder, is God finished with America? Are our best days over? Has God removed his hand of blessing from us? But in the midst of that despair, came November the 8th, 2016.

And that day – that day represented the greatest political upset in American history.

Because it was on that day, November 8th, that God declared the people, not the pollsters were gonna choose the next President of the United States and they chose Donald Trump!

You know this. You’ve heard it often. President Trump won the evangelical vote by the largest margin in history, because Christians understood that he alone had the leadership skills necessary to reverse the downward death spiral our nation was in, and since that time – since that time everywhere I go I find that people are even more excited about President Trump than they were on election day. And it’s easy to understand why. President Trump has not only met, but he has exceeded our every expectation, in reviving the economy, rebuilding our military, respecting our veterans and restoring our greatest freedom of all, the free exercise of our faith.

President Trump has done more to protect religious liberty than any president in United States history and we are grateful to him for that.

You know, the single greatest honor of my life, was when President Trump invited me to deliver the sermon at St John’s Church on the morning of his inauguration, and in that message I said no president has ever entered the Oval Office with as many natural gifts and leadership abilities as President Trump, but I also noted that President Trump would be the first to say that natural ability alone is not enough to meet the awesome challenges of that office, and that is why President Trump like every American president has sought God’s supernatural help. You know I will never forget, that message that so many of us saw that the President tweeted from Israel several months ago. Do you remember the picture? It was a president – a picture of President Trump standing in front of the Western Wall, his head was bowed. His eyes were closed, and at the bottom of that tweet he wrote: I am asking for God’s wisdom. That is one reason I am so enthusiastically supportive of this president.

You know, millions of Americans believe that the election of President Trump represented God giving us another chance, perhaps our last chance, to truly make America great again and how grateful we are, we thank God every day that He gave us a leader like President Trump. Would you join me now in welcoming, a great leader, a great patriot, my friend the President of the United States of America, President Donald Trump!”

<lol. he’s a fanboy.>


  1. Did you find the speech disturbing? If so, how much, and why?
  2. Did Jeffress describe Trump as the American god’s prayer for the world?
  3. Was the Ubermensch mentioned or implied?
  4. Was there mention of restoring an empire?
  5. Did he mention blessing being forcefully restored on the country?

I am skeptical of some reporting nowadays, and this case (and others) is why. Feel we need to dig into data for ourselves.

Don’t kill the messenger. You decide.

And if you have a different take, do share. There might be something I missed.





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