Sharpen your skillsss

Image: Mradonai (Pixabay)

The sibilant hiss rippled like snake paper curling in the wind.

The sound failed to upset Quaff. He had already heard his fill of the Sibilants. Crawling and alternately floating in their pit, they gave off the aura of sunbeams and moonbeams, the aeon-old descendants of Quetzalcoatl.

Listennn… they hissed in their humming way. Frree usss…

The guard shifted his position and pretended not to listen. By now it had become a habit. Just four stone walls, and a paved corridor, guarding the snake godlings from sunrise to sundown. Sometimes he snuck in a look at the shifting radiances playing about the pit.

But he always regretted it.

One escaped. He knew not when, but when it did, and had found him, he knew it instantly without a doubt, even as its full beguiling power was unleashed upon his unschooled mind.

It impressed itself on his memory as flashing into appearance just five feet from his tired eyes, in a corona of seismic glory, angular and long – vibrating.

All the colours of Jupiter, Saturn, the cosmic moons, and the glowing sheen of an autumn sun played like rippling waters of congealed lightning upon its fine scales, and the hard ruby eyes held yours fast. Sleeepp… it said. Words forming around the mouthing jaw, falling past teeth like liquid pearls.

You arre… 

You arre…

When he woke, he was one of them.

The jaw and teeth and eyes hung above his head, as he let down the hunting net into the pit, and unleashed a cataclysm of freedom upon the Aztec world…


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